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Over the years, we have learned a few things about insuring high-risk businesses. One is that we can never be too careful. Our thorough, painstaking procedures and discovery processes may seem excessive, unless you have had one of those dreaded experiences that revealed a level of risk exposure you never thought you had.

The following tell you what you can expect from AGA:


We already know your industry. And, while that knowledge and expertise is what we are known for, understanding your business is the only way we can truly help you maintain and protect your unique competitive position.


Most small to mid-sized companies, find it impractical to employ a full time risk manager. As your broker, AGA acts as your risk manager to assist you in these critical processes that help safe-guard the future of your company including:

  • Identifying risk
  • Analyzing the risks
  • Controlling the risks
  • Insuring the risks
  • Administering the risk management program


In our industry, we call it "marketing" your coverage. In other words, we look for the right company to underwrite your risk and best provide the coverage, features, terms and premiums necessary to secure your protection.
As your broker, one of our most important and valuable responsibilities is to negotiate your insurance program with your interests in mind. Since this process includes obtaining coverage and premium terms, our special relationships with the top underwriters of insurance for your industry give you invaluable advantages.


AGA will provide a thorough review of all policies to ensure that all coverages are included as quoted and that premiums are calculated in accordance with our proposals.


We also provide the following services in the normal course of managing your account:

  • Submission and monitoring of claims
  • Review of claim reserves, the amount the insurer has reserved to cover your possible losses under the terms of your policies.
  • Review of experience modifiers: examination of factors in the history of your company that affect the amount of your premiums and the nature of your coverages.
  • Review of premium audits: obtaining information to determine the financial and risk factors used to calculate your insurance premiums and terms of insurance.
  • Assistance in establishing insurable values
  • Preparation of a schedule of your insurance policies: a clear picture of your coverage
  • Preparation of a notebook containing your insurance policies
  • Periodic meetings as required to review/discuss current concerns
  • Research assistance and/or consultation on risk management issues, as requested
  • Review of your contracts to determine their effect on the risks you may be agreeing to assume
  • Certificate of Insurance issuance: a statement certifying the significant provisions of your coverage
  • Auto proof of insurance card issuance
  • Premium finance alternatives: finding affordable ways to obtain the coverages you need

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